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above the symphysis pubis, it is sometimes elongated and tortuous —

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are accompanying symptoms, many of which are due to the fever, such

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of Monro, one or both lateral ventricles are usually enlarged, whilst the

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been found to be associated with erythema nodosum. Exceptionally

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davicular spaces were the seat of enlargement a probable diagnosittof

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symptoms, as precordial pain (sometimes extending down the left un).

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thus be induced. Owing to the prolonged pressure of a dendritic calculus,

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peculiar behavior under pressure. The recognition of lighter types, on

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ease, cachexia develops ; when pronounced, it is almost pathognomonic

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an etiologic significance. J. Christian Bay ^ has isolated from small-

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trials '^t b«nij:t< ..t' larjt-r -size shouM be made. I have seen tni:'-

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sents very soon either a '' cnaracteristic dirty-yellow color *' or a dis-

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not rarely rising to 105° (40.5° C.) or even more. Rapid emaciation super-

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Ascites, when it appears, calls for free and thorough diuresis, diapho-

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only broken up in the intestine by the action of the pancreatic juice.

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1010-1014, and is usually c^ar. It is 1018-1054. It is of a thick, turbid

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than was formerly supposed does cardiac tuberculosis also result from

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nary Politzer bag is now attached to the tube (Ewald), or a Boas aspi-

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phthisis there are fever and loss of flesh and strength, while in chronic

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in nature and sliows the presence of the Lofller bacillus. Other second-

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sions of temperature (2° to 5° F. — 1.1° to 2.7° C.) are the rule, but the

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tain ill-defined centric and peripheral nervous influences and neuroses

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at times in that of patients without any apparent local or general dis-

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rarely cause it. It is most common in males, generally from fifteen to

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micro-organism is supposed to play the same part in producing the dis-

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Nature of the Affection. — The specific cause of the disease, if it have

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I, who first recognized the affection, states that those who survive for

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A CARDIAC aneurysm may, in the first place, involve the wholt

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of Typhoid Fever. The gradually cooled bath may be substituted if

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cases the urinary characteristics already mentioned under that condition

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ministered hypodermically, has been most effectual in some cases, but

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SUifht album hiuriay often with an intermittent tendency, is common

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as chloral hydrate and the bromids. In well-marked cases hypodermic

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ceptible to the patient, and usually accompanied by an increased force

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a little over 50 per cent. Vomiting of the blood which the child ha*

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though more frequently there is a premonitory period, during which

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that the type of the disease may be malignant (jfurpura fulminans) ^ni

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the general conditions will vary with the general effects of the peculiar