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to eliminate the urea, and there is finally complete anuria, which may last
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in circumscribed gangrene of the lungs ensues. The chief dangers are
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and pure atmosphere is to be advised and encouraged. Various tonics
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be tried, as may the various forms of counter-irritation. Morphin, ad-
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yield good results, this being particularly true in focal epilepsy. In idio-
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green vegetables and fruits are not to be taken ; and alcohol and tobacco
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absence of hepatic structure, and consisted of three tumor-masses which,
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large, mononuclear leukocytes with the protoplasm tilled with fine neu-
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vary greatly, being almost peculiar to each. This fact must, however,
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not be acquired until late or not at all. It is probable, too, that the cases
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able. The emunctories must be gotten in good condition, and any un-
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patient feels better than ordinarily. It has been observed that imme-
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remedy is given during the afebrile period. Certain authors recommend
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ever, the diagnosis presents many difficulties. Nothing is now more
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(e) The circnlatory system presents no characteristic symptoms. The
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if the latter prove indispensable the lightest only should be employed.
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one direction while healing in another. The cicatrix formed by the
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tain intoxications, especially that of lead. It may also occur in brain-
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sounds tend to appear, and are audible when inflammatory exudates arc
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phorus-poisoning the liver is seen to extend below the costal margin, its
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when x-ray screening of selected population groups is
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of plain and alkaline waters, artificial and natural. The value of
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lished the appetite is no longer satisfied, and then I begin to add the
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▼iduals in the same locality. (5) Hereditary influence has been trace-
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a special feature of a type of the disease originally described by Morvan
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It is only in recent years that this fatal affection has been clearly iso-
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* Journal of the American Medical Association j vol. xv. j). 334.
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jaundice in some cases. Shortly the general features of circumscribed
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of typhoid fever. A digital examination per vaginum detects in sal-
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are changed in two or three days to a darker hue, becoming hemor-
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ence with a cardio-pulmonary circulation, and with the function of res-
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is that the common error may be avoided of attributing the symptoms of
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puncture. For this purpose the needle attached to the ordinary hypo-
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diminished urine of high specific gravity, with albumin, may oomplafai
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add a decinormal solution of sodium hydrate from a buret until no it-
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120 there is just cause for alarm. The rate may be increased either
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chest x-rays should be conducted “selectively” with
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experimental. The possible benefits to health in terms
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more or less prominent factor in septic diseases has been considered in