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not, chloralamid and the bromids should be tried. Convalescence may

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practice of careful hygienic measures will prevent, to a considerable

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shot angiography is performed as the initial procedure. In our experience, femoral

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effusion. It must not be forgotten that the effusion is due to an inflam-

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9. The mortality in 1448 cases injected on or after the fourth day

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crop. Abscesses in various parts of the body, particularly the eyelids,

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severe bronchitis, lobular pneumonia, etc. ; (6) The renal function is

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and secondary. Primary or idiopathic acute yellow atrophy is a rare and

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face, when intense, may somewhat resemble erysipelas, but it lacks the

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if pain be great, a hypodermic injection of morphin may be given. ^In

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i'l) Diseases of Other Organs than the Lung. — (a) Affections of the

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noticeable owing to a i>eculiar alteration of the voice. The paralysis may

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notorious as malarial foci. Keeping in remembrance the foregoing facts,

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ous in character, at the seat of obstruction. Obstruction of a small

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present also in — (1) diabetes ; (2) carcinoma ; (3) febrile conditions : (4)

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observed, and under these circumstances fecal vomiting may occur.

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8«x. — A larger proportion of males than females is affected.

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cally unless focal symptoms develop. Rest in a darkened room will be

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ly, but appears during the night and on waking in the morning.

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in an HMO will attract a substantial segment of the

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acute arthritic gout The latter is usually preceded by certain prodromal

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in different parts of the body, and in this way give rise to a number of

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iblc as a rule, and sometimes irregular (Fig. 55). Rarely it i* full.

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The bowels should be kept freely soluble, constipation being carefblly

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istic hemic murmurs^ best heard at the base of the heart, and the bruit

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The prognosis of hemoglobinuria depends upon the cause. It is

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Treatment. — It is well in nearly all ill-nourished, uncleanly-kept.

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sure by tumors, (d) The presence of intestinal stenosis from external

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of the anterior commissure. Their exact origin and termination have

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ysm is definitely known, the consequences of hemoptysis are certainh

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showed that the suspicious bodies were merely conglomerations of pro-

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mildest types may, in rare instances, reach a favorable end, but the

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100 to 130. Other evidences of mere or leas marked circulator? col-

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Complications. — In this place are to be enumerated the conditions

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ing specimen depositing a heavy sediment. On {fHalysis albumin and

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spleen and simple enlargement, as well as between the former and mov-