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of the affected bone rather than the joint, and in the graver general
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The ganglion-cells on the posterior roots give rise to two fibers, fused
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the stools. In carcinoma of the liver, on the other hand, the bile-ducts
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pin (gr.y^^y — O.OOOo). This rarely fails of bringing speedy relief, indii
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practically normal. Though the course is prolonged, the joints usually
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either of slight muscular cramps and articular pains, or of dyspeptic dis-
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malignant pustule in external anthrax leave little room for doubt,
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during the day or in a strong artificial light, but after nightfall or in a
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ible mucous membranes often being slightly livid during the chill, and
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marked stenosis of the tube. Ulcers simulating those occurring in the
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ISuOlogy. — It is to be kept in remembrance that the condition is,
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Here the nerve-fibers entering into the hemorrhoidal plexus are involved.
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scopic examination. By the use of the microscope we are enabled to
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Blisters, however, are rarely advisable, and are particularly objection-
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{b) Certain skin-eruptions (lichen, psoriasis, papular eczema, etc.)
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diet. When due to lead-poisoning^ the history, the blue line on the gams,
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becoming aggravated when any one was watching licr. She was cured
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granular protoplasm, which has the faculty of clearing up and showing
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not explicable from the position of the sclerosis ; and, secondly, those
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patches or broad lines. In color they are gray, grayish- white, or gray-
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retention of consciousness until the end approaches.
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crease to occur, the Wage-Price Board has ruled that the only increase that can
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calcareous infiltration is seen in very old fibrous goiters. Inflammatioi
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centrate, are not unusual in this disease. The physical signs show an
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rises to 103° or 104^ F. (40° C), and subsequently pursues an irrec-
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primary form are wanting, since often in the secondary variety the primary
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This is a dangerous condition, and sometimes results in extensive
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against treatment of the fonner disease in tuberculous persons.
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Pr«Yentive Treatment. — In this, as in the treatment of jaundice, diet
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In cases of intense vascular engorgement, as in the acute splenic
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or with Gabbett's solution (methylene-blue 2 gm., sulphuric acid 25
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to the ri»;lit, and a loud systolic murmur is audible at the pulmonarr '■■ri-
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organs (lungs, esophagus), or tuberculous pulmonary cavities which
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tinued until complete restoration of the patient's health has taken place.
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Acute, Suhacute, and Chronic Poliomvelitis in Adults 1076