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preceded and accompanied by abdominal symptoms ; empyema mani-

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dynamic in the early stages, acute diffuse peritonitis assumes a markedly

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some of these rapidly fatal cases there is a short prodromal period, during

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times have a coil of intestine in front of them. On the other hand,

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delayed, and the reflexes are generally absent; accordingly, there is

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while the normal apex beat in the fifth interspace may be wanting. Sys-

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chronic interstitial nephritis, however, is not a favorable complication,

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stricted to definite quantities, as will be pointed out below. Among

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diemas, do not disappear upon pressure. The vibices receive their name

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(5) The Muscular and Nervous Symptoms. — It has been stated that

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cases entirely lack the catarrhal stage, just as there are many cases that

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increases largely the susceptibility of the parts injured by diminishing

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form, though closely simulating the malignant in their clinical character.

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to be one or two inches greater than that of the left side, while at the

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though chronic cases may continue for several months. When the con-

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half of 92 cases). A bacterial examination should always be made

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With or without an appreciable tumor in the abdomen the clinical his-

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singk* large or of multiple small abscesses ; the numerous large blood-

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limited to the cases furnishing intensely virulent poison. As to the

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local complications grave general conditions mav be presented.

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catarrhal affections, especially of the respiratory organs. The latter

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quite high (104° F. — 40° C, or over), and may present cither the irreg-

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lie cerebral cortex — i. e. the ascending frontal and parietal regions, the

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(e) The renal type includes those instances of kidney-lesion that are

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the severity of the infection may be appreciated by noting the degree of

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>f insomnia. Headache, vertigo, UnnituB aurium^ mu9cce volitanteSj and

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ad and shoulders are elevated, and the patient may be forced to assume

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The urine becomes very scanty and is highly concentrated, the stand-

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in thymus bouillon and heated to 140° F. (60° C). Of this, ^ was

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In the adult syphilis of the liver does not usually attract attention

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Treatment. — Absolute quiet in the recumbent position should be

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nasal nmcosa, dust, animal and vefljotable emanations). If the cauw i?

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serious symptoms. On the other hand, persons who are habitually ex-

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the fecal matter, must be carried forward assiduously. Saline laxatives

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the mind of a morbidly anxious j)atient. Excepting some pain wn-

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lieve tympany, as recommended by Loomis, may also be resorted to,