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1 incompetency. Among predisposi^ig factors age and sex are worthy

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Complications. — Constipation is a comparatively frequent conipi>

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of beer ; (b) chronic gastric catarrh frequently weakens the muscle, and

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entiate supra-nuclear from infra-nuclear palsy. In cases of long stand-

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ing from lor to 104° F. (3S.3°-40° C), and is of irregular type: in

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age of cases, though the disease is also quite prevalent in the remaining

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Htiology. — The exciting cause of the disease is probably some

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portant part of the treatment. (/>) The medicinal treatment is botk

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either immediately or in the course of a few days, undoubted symptoms

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antiseptics and astringents (bismuth gr. xxx — 2.0— -combined with salol

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ness are pronounced, and particularly if pus be present.

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obstinate, habitual constipation, and occurs especially in females and

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of cases in which encapsulated and obsolete tuberculous lesions have been

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Definition. — An acute contagious disease, characterized by an in-

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diarrhea of a dysenteric character, the ulcers are especially marked in

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Chiropractic remains the overriding quackery problem in Georgia and that effec-

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smooth surface. strips only, leaving a bleeding en)Mi«.

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pvosout is not inteui^e, save in rare instances. Pressure upon the ileo-

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Disseminated Tuberculosis. — Miliary TuhereUt. — This form has for

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(6) Cases have sometimes been noticeably more frequent in the early

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lults as a rule, though instances are also observed in young children ;

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The duration is a few months to one year. The duration is usually a few weeks.

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being supposed to be due to pressure exerted by the thickened pleura

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Often in severe types (such as are apt to arise in old, much enfeebled,

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leprre, wliicli has since been proved to be tbe special agent of liie dis-

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degeneration of the kidneys, (2) acute exudative nephritis, and (8) acute

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spring months; particularly is this the case in those forms that are

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rare exceptions the effusion occupies the left pleural sac. The pulsation

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satisfactory in their effects, and particularly if administered early in the

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certain seasons and exposed to the influence of the atmosphere at certain

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tates frequent <lrinking, but the voracious appetite seen in diabetes !»'»•

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nary-artery disease and interstitial myocarditis, it was fonnd postmortem

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The cause is usually a previous acute attack, and, doubtless with great