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they accomplish a reduction of the temperature sometimes by two or
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or carcinoma should be considered. The detection of an irregular tumor
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other hand, however, a diet composed of albuminoids often aSbnls relit-:'
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lungs ; characteristic skin-eruptions are also absent.
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or crescentic shape with much pigment. In typhoid fever the history
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stools should be examined macroscopically with great care, and the same
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provement in every other leading symptom. Convalescence is speedy.
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wgar it contains, has irritant properties, and often produces in the
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pleural cavity, which may have been one-half or two-thirds full, now
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It has been the privilege of this Treasurer to serve
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toms — suprapubic pain and venical tenesmus. An examination of tlie
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Differential Diagnosis. — Peliosis rheumatica is an affection which, as
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vented by concealing the taste with lemon-juice ; the latter, recommended
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fulicularly when it is inconvenient to use the hot-bath.
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cystitis, and parasites. The condition known as spasmodic incontinence
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has a musical quality and unless a systolic thrill can be felt on palpa-
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swollen and slightly red membrane, with a distention of the mnoom
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mately 9 ounces (255.0) ; in a woman it is 8 ounces (226.0). In bilatenl
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tubercles and syphilitic gummata ; also secondary carcinoma, sarcoma,
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the endoscopo or ovstoscope (Pawlik, Kelly). In women this may be
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of the patient. Good food, a change of air, systematic bathing, prudent
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preceding touches the normal level, giving rise to a remittent type of
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Pleurisy {vide p. 554). In the early stages some degree of relief^ or
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impel him to attempt to leave his bed, but more commonly there is
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(Ireade'I on land as it has hitherto been on sea. According to my ovn
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membranes, aneurysm of the aorta, neoplasms, or disease of tbe verfeebm
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nama)j and lymphadenoma is also occasionally seen as a secondary
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time (Jaccoud). The increased proportion of urea in the urine is occa-
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of its forms. Thus the passage of gravel without marked symptoms
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the female secondary carcinoma of the lung is often preceded by cv-
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quently both, kidneys may be affected with what is sometimes termed
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Among other intestinal antiseptics recommended in highest terms
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extent are met with in the cord as a result of two conditions existing
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first dry, and followed by mucous, muco-purulont, blood-tinged sputum.