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ease, the time usually ranging from five to twenty or more days.
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« ^ i-yellow flocculi first suggests the nature of the affection. With
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as a rule, for a few years. A gradual subsidence of the cardinil lymp-
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unbroken by any fresh elevations of temperature, though more often the
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along with the chronic articular changes — a not uncommon association,
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increased area of percussion-dulness in the transverse direction. In r^
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Treatment. — ^Prophylaxis. — This embraces isolation and a thorough
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chiefly motor. The pyramidal fibers have already been described, and
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erative process ; it ia prone to follow neuritis, the result of exceasiv* «
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velopment of uremia. Ordinarily, the clinical picture is similar to that
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peritoneal membrane dir€»ctly through the appendix is not uncommon.
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and close to its right edge. If dilatation of the right auricle be a**^
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The principal exciting causes of acute difiuse nephritis are the follow-
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may be from the beginning the only clinical features of the affection
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iMirerential Diagnosis. — Typhoid fever is distinguished from this affec-
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(3) Certain exhausting causes, operating directly or indirectly, may
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area of percussion-dulness and by the friction-sound is not difficult.
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hematuria in the Kensington district of Philadelphia, and find that
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u.Mi'd. At first they are to be employed in moderate doses (J ounce —
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color ; frequently they are so thin and colorless as to pass through the
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tive humidity, such as Florida, Southern Georgia, Southern California,
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The stomach must now have absolute rest for about twenty-four
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Symptoms. — The common indications of secondary anemia are the
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and then, drop by drop, add a 10 per cent, solution of cupric sul-
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in an HMO will attract a substantial segment of the
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present in urine make the copper tests fallacious by reducing the
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alreaily stated, the disease does not cause death, perfect rtoovt-ry is never
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ulceration is owing solely to the difference in locality, implying a differ-