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so-called peptones discovered by Devoto's and other methods are really

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impaired, but as the exudative elements contract, the interference with,

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digestive power, should the latter be weak, by the administration of

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commences at the extreme base, extends upward, and may finally become

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containing many nuclei, some granular dt^bris, and pigment. Oecasic

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others believe that this is almost always a symptom of gastric atony or

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and scene, regulation of the diet, the institution of a proper course of

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Alcohol in any form is prohibited. If it can be enforced, during i^f

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Among the prodromal symptoms, a gradual loss of flesh, anorexia, con-

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turbed, and constipation often marked. The patient may complain of

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applied to the head. Sleep should be obtained by the use of chloral,

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day) there are slight wheezing and some cough. In long-standing cases

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in the aortic area, together with strong correlative evidence of aortic

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1. Tube-casts. — These are undoubtedly the most important morpho-

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Sjrtnptoms. — These may be latent for years, while the morbid pro-

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more commonly seen at the aortic than at the mitral orifice, if we except

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points, that appear, as a rule, in the hair-follicles, and, unlike the ery-

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be considered under three main heads: (1) Prophylaxis^ (2) genenu

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abundant clinical proof. Kussmaul was the first to point out that blind-

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gallons of liquid. Sometimes in medium-sized sacs the external appear-

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disseminated areas may be found ; but above and below all of them will

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widelv as to their mortalitv list — a fact which makes a precise statement

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(2) To prevent a recurrence of the paroxysms, the causal conditions,

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the mobile kidney. An acute hydronephrosis may thus develop, ^ith

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pressure in any one spot. Ergot and ergotin should be given internally,


indigestion and the active putrefaction going on in the intestinal tube.

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quently met with in cystic degeneration of the kidneys.

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mouth. The atrophy is muscular. This throws the mucous membrane