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are well marked. In this place it is well to remember that in measles we
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rows. Tlie pulmonary pleura may become detached, and the air-tumors
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of the head forward and to the sound side. When occurring alone it is
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is commonly the seat of obstruction by gall-stones, that may give rise to
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the tissues (which may be caused by the increased transudation of stasis,
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Kinyoun, Lundmann, and B^cl^re have used the serum from vacci-
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to any variety of cathartics, whether these act upon the small or Urge
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no connection with aneurysmal growths. The pulsation may occur in the
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the profound anemia met with in this affection are not quite plain, since
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quart (1.296 per liter), to which 20 or 30 drops of laudanum have been
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(b) Microscopic Examination, — Diarrheal stools can be examined as
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Nerve-lesionB are induced by the presence of the bacilli within and
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Considering first the roots, the only nerve worthy of notice arising
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of life than the chronic form. It is more frequent in children under
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is placed in the knee-elbow position, suffices usually to differentiate xht
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more often by years or even decades. Statements applicable to all caw
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and general muscular wasting. In 3 cases there was an exaggerated
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(1) Season. — In a paper on ^' Seasonal Influences in Erysipelas, with
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Pathologic Icterus, — The causes are the following : (a) Congenital
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treme emaciation and asthenia. Death may be due to the latter or to
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itmi may resemble dark blood in appearance w^ien stained by bile or iron
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ing epithelium, and this must be removed by gentle sponging. If the
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thin in the sound lung. When hemoptysis occurs in advance of pulmo-
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first on the hard palate, so I contend we may diagnose whooping-cough
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may be mentioned cerebro-congestion with intense headache, {h) Severe
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colon the urine generally contains an increased amount of indicmn.
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of culture-growth or inoculation will distinguish them. With the devel-
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scope is placed over the anterior fontanel. Its cause is unknown. Con-
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avoid exposure and undue chilling. The ice-bag or Leiter's coils (to be used
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DJay also transfer the poison to man. Among disposing factors, how-
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with its collaterals. To this composite body Waldeyer has given the nune
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18 been exceeded, rest and then ((uite moderate exercise often restore