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ply. Minute areas of cell-death are sometimes seen. The brain may
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Other causes of augmented endocardial pressure have been con*idervi
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may also initiate the attack. There is no mistake in diagnosis more
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are those of chronic cystitis, and in all cases in which no other cause for
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with a solution (1 : 2000) of mercuric chlorid. If convalescence super-
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clearing it of albumin. Basham's mixture is a useful adjuvant.
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stooping or turning the body or rising from the sitting position, causes
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cm.) objective. If carbol-fuchsin has been used in staining for the bi-
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seat of diphtheritic inflammation. Rarely orchitis is encountered. On
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Inside the dural sac both hydatid cysts and the cysticercns may be
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Treatment. — In the early stages sucking of small pieces of ice
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therapeutic interest apart from the general or primary disease. It may
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discharges follow each other at short intervals. Subsequently, all dis-
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the stools in some cases containing the ameba coli. Ascites may develop
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mittents quinin should be administered hypodermically until the patient
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it may exhibit a more acute development, as, for example, after whoop-
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greater delicacy of touch than the old. He stands behind the patient,
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also varies within the widest limits according to the size of the fessA
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be more than two or three months. Death may be caused either by
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patients in advanced stages of the disease in the treatment of small-poz.
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ease. It strongly resembles tbe tubercle bacillus, but differential stains
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is of first importance, however, to thoroughly support the powers of the
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he coronary artery may become blocked and instant death follow.
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fested the disease before the age of ten. (d) Heredity has been traced
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59) may be either remittent or intermittent, and if the localized inflam-
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the entire course. In mitral incompetency a thrill, most marked over
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the cases the spinal meninges are similarly involved, chiefly in the cer-
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associated sometimes. In large hydronephrotic cysts a continuous dull,
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such an attack the patient is unable, temporarily, to swallow food, a&d
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original height, occurs. This secondary fever-curve is apt to show a
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this is a sizeable undertaking but it is one which the
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moderate grade of hypertrophy in persons who died of other affections,
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tissue constricts the tubules in certain places, so that the lumen is else-
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n-traetiiin rather than fxpjiiision during the act of inspiration. The