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2. Obstraction of the Cystic DttCt. — This almost invariably

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these modes, however, are practised chiefly by the specialist.

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Pathology. — The suppuration may be diffuse, with numerous small

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stupor and delirium quickly giving place to perfect consciousness.

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changes have been pointed out in connection with the latter disease.

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rhagic infarctions may be found in the various internal viscera. The

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tem through the skin-surface. Probably the germs are swalloived^ and

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vical region, and the clinical symptoms result from involvement of the

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rise to relative incompetency. Other cardiac orifices are found to be

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charged now and then for several years. Later, several larger stones

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physiognomy expresses fatigue, dejection, and apathy ; the speech be-

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for the purpose of absorbing the eflused material. Tonics and a change

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^ HouM-plants as Sanitary Agents^ by the Author, p. 263.

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will appear if bile be present. According to Penzoldt, the Gmelin-

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trainers, physical educators and school health nurses.

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later distinctly bronchial. Tuberculous bronchitis may cause interrupted

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smoants, since this tends to overfilling of the vessels, increases the arte-

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creasing debility, emaciation, an inability to perform mental or physical

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calcium salts of uric acid occur as needle- or dumb-bell-like crystals or

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trunk or its branches. 2d. It shows a tendency to shift from place to

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ward and a downward direction. In primary carcinoma (usually found

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where in the course of the lower third of the ileum. The lesions of

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ments are the favoriMl scat of the disease, is heard much more frequeniiv

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nostras. Many of the symptoms characteristic of true cholera are also

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should be begun as soon as the diagnosis of pseudo-leukemia is made.

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rashes, motor weakness and wasting, pain (not fulgurant in type), greater

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radiate laterally or downward, rercussion in the left axillary line shows

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in his offspring. (3) Geographical Distribution. — The disease is more

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character ; just as often it resembles a tertian or quartan intermittent or

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terment of the state of the nervous system. Absolute rest, physical