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amount -of infective material received. Deer No. 10 being the most
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The great demand for information relating to the construction
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owner for temporary pasturage purposes only, together with their offspring, may be
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the following present: Drs. Robert Mueller, chairman;
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contact, not only with the A children, but with almost all the
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every plant, its housekeeping facilities and its haz-
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on the prevalence of hog cholera or swine plague, said that while it
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dealt with in accordance with local conditions. Once an individual
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that this tumor is a carcinoid. In the carcinoids the
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marked with the white-meat inspection stamps bearing serial numbers. This work is
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of the bovine type after recovery upon dog serum. Permanent
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spoke on the Annual Session of the Association to be
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The disease has been found in this country in all the States bor-
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animals. The experiments have not progressed suflSciently to merit
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BORCHERDT MALT EXTRACT COMPANY, 217 N. Wolcott Ave., Chicago 12,
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tiie view that, after the removal of the parathyroid glands from dogs,
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94. ♦Shukowsky, W. P., und Baron, A. A. : " Congenitale Atresie
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with the majority and I believe that it is a desmoid
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Accounts Receivable from Journal advertisers were re-
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body of the Association. Each of you is a representa-
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Mohler la chief of the Division of Pathology of the Bureau and is eminently qualified to
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By-Laws changing the dues from $8.00 to $15.00. The
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surface appears finely porous, resembling some varieties of coral.
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simply an interesting, casual finding. There are, however, according to
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The temperature was 99.4" F., the pulse 100, and the respirations 24. She
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is covered. Rehabilitation of the fracture patient is
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has changed in the last half. The number of original
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by Department employees, and no fixtures or appliances, such as tables, trucks, trays, vats,
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easily distorted. The exact strength of alcohol and of NaOH which
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The hemisection of this tumor shows it to be fairly
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