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Treatment. — Beyond procuring absolute rest of the body and a r-

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Meredity. — In about 10 per cent, of the cases a history of chorea can

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system by means of tonics, and especially by quinin, in addition to an

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very careful not to confound the eruption with urticaria or some of the

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the right hypochondrium or the epigastrium, after the action of sone

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accidental infection, as by swallowing the virus (particularly if breast-

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iknt of impetigo contagiosa. The careless administration of mercury,

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are to be given at intervals of two days until several baths have followed

is lipozene sold in canada

gastro-hepatic omentum, abscesses, enlarged glands, or impacted calculi

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For marked nervous phenomena, such as pain, sleeplessness, and

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of the lungs must be carefully compared, since in bronchial catarrh there

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rheumatism and uric-acidemia seem to act as causal agents, {j) Evi-

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continued fever, mental apathy, faint jaundice, splenic enlargement,

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moDia, abscess, or pulmonary infarction, and is the result of a mild in-

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lyperthyroidization. The additional fact of an occasional cumulative

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The extrinsic ocular muscles are supplied by these three nerves, while

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> the general tonics should be prescribed. I prefer strychnin, arsenic,

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in the brain-substance. Sometimes the effusion is general ; sometimes it

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* This affection is described separately (vide p. 798).

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liffuse thoracic pain (sometimes severe and throbbing, though more often

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and rarely meningitis (basilar) is among the gouty morbid states. The

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