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liver. The phosphoric acid is not increased, however. The so-called

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ing desquamation. Cancrum oris and noma pudendi may also appear as

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the minimum between four and eight o'clock in the morning. The

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contains indican in excess in the various suppurations, at least from time

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uremic symptoms appear. In the latter instances it is probable that the

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the portal area is infiltrated and the seat of minute ecchymoses. The

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pulmonary veins into the left auricle. It is clear that vortiginous move-

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eatarrhal gastritis. The character of pain that is most diagnostic is

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racterized by exacerbations, and even intermits in entero-colitis, while

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* For illustratiTe cases from Prof. Osier's wards see article l)v Leafier, Medical News,

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The House voted to commend the Auxiliary and expressed its thanks for their

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accompanied often by persistent nausea and vomiting, which, however,

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{b) Here a purulent inflammation of the entire mucosa, with more or

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are now aggravated; slight muscular twitchings and sleep-starts occnr;

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bral form the reader is referred to the discussion of Purulent Menin<?itL<.

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Treatment. — Though the progress of the disease cannot in most in-


an indigo-blue ring, is formed above a white resinous deposit. When

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same extent as the leg, and secondary contractures develop in time, the

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sick-room. Concentrated solutions or insufflations of powders are not

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tion of sodium bydroxid. This precipitates the phosphates, which are

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liver are difficult of recognition unless they become large as the result

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mosphere ; (6) exposure and talking in an overheated atmosphere riti-

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I have for several years been able to place considerable value on the

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full and roijular, though in the worst cases it becomes small and verv

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that during life the white corpuscles are increased in number, and that

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in origin perhaps only in acute Bright's disease or in the earlier stages

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