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and intestinal tuberculosis is of common occurrence, and that a primary
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bercle bacilli. From the acute form several affections must be discrimi-
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PhyBical or Bxtemal Examination. — Inspeetian, — A few of
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paralysis had been widespread, even reaching the bulb, judging from the
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|iain ofti'H a pi-oniinent one. The [latient frei)ueDtIy passes into a
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liver are difficult of recognition unless they become large as the result
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alreadv been mentioned. The most serious events, however, connected
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Monarticular rheumatism is with diflSculty differentiated from a
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abuse, of tea, coffee, alcohol, and tobacco. These agents are injurious
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ally intensified, and finally lead to a fatal termination.
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rod, or doop maliofrany-brown, according to the amount of acids presODi.
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It has also been shown that one of the chief effects of sclerosis affect-
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upon some acute illness, such as measles or whooping-cough, in children,
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shorten the duration of the disease." Potassium iodid and the prepa-
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are of the polynuclear variety and are quickly destroyed ; but later
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tom under consideration is concerned, are for the use of diuretics and