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growth of neuroglia-cells and fibers and of the ordinary connective tis-
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Complications that may occur, as secondary peritonitis, gangrene,
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mod not infrequent lesions are the syphilitic new-growths. Their size
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tlielioniatous nature, the nuicous membrane here being composed of pave-
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fuse sclerosis of the gray matter, a neurogliar overgrowth — but his views
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of the same size may be required. The exacerbations of fever gener-
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(the so-called rkeumaiic neuritis). (2) Extension of infiammatioiL 6m
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tvphoid fever. At first hyperemic, the tissue then grows sojt and gran-
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The characteristics of the urine in acute nephritis are all-important.
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(vide Clinical History). ((/) The Xephritis. — The renal lesions, so prom-
loryna and acne
the previous history of the j)atient. If there be a latent or incipieit
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'HHlules. Trabeculse composed of blood-vessels and remnants of i)ul-
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Acute purulent meningitiii is a comparatively rare but very grave com-
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(21.1°-26.6° C). The sheet and blanket are now wrapped about the
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not even a murmur can be heard, though postmortem records of cases
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to facilitate emesis. In severe paroxysms a hot bath may be given to
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causal factor, the presence of moderate tenderness, and augmented ten-
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various nuclei, as gall-stones, hardened feces, phosphates of lime and
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several months, without necessarily indicating pyemic hepatitis, the pa-
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asthmatic seizures appear, these often becoming very distressing.
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detects tenderness, and the limits of the organ may be defined by careful
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:'r— F<^rm simulating; a soirmentinff bodv. The si^mificance of these forms, several of which
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aphonia which are usually present, while the characteristic physicil
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regions and the optic ohiasm. A granular ependymitis was foond,
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taken into account. The wise physican will be guided to some extent by