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that diacetic and oxybutyric acids are the causes of diabetic coma, and

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(c) Respiratory System. — Symptoms referable to the organs of respi-

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partially decomposed food, and on standing separates into three layers—

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irregularity of temperature may occur during the latter part of the fas-

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ease. The above-mentioned facts justify two important inferences: (1)

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ComplicatioilS* — Many of these have already been mentioned in

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Differential Diagnosis. — Peliosis rheumatica is an affection which, as


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missing in whole or in part, and tne heart, which now lies immediately

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Diinal condition* are — valvular affections of the heart, fatal forms of anemia,

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If this specific reaction is not obtainable in a case sick over a week,


nin and general tonics should be administered. Massage of the larynx

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tion is lost over the back of the leg in its lower part and over the sole.

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that the bronchial glands also become implicated, and frequently become

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existence of a cerebral tumor. The disturbance of vision and the ab-

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the temperature and pulse are relatively high, and tend to rise with the

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extent, and in some instances not at all, assimilated. My own plan is

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and free stimulation and the free exhibition of quinin as soon as the

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with twitching of the eyelid and the side of the face. The frontalis i*

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{d) Blood-casts consist of coagula of red corpuscles shaped in the

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cannot be satisfactorily nursed by its mother and if it is under the age

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otfiii'rhi, '-iti'i j> !i>^'<ociated with a rather marked albuminuria, the presence

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while the measurement will show them to be in reality thickened.

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sensory. He further believes that association-fibers carry impulses from

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course, when, as is the rule, it terminates fatallv. If recovery ensues, it

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When the shoulder-joint is the seat of chronic inflammation, this mus-

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Treatment. — Rest, ice locally, and the internal use of ergot and

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rived from the gastro-intestinal canal. Rarely, bilirubin-eiystab are

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tation should be promptly instituted. The medicinal treatment of gu-

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become adherent to the left lobe of the liver, the spleen, oiaentom,