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tion with pathologic urobilin, dark in color. The urobilin is detected
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indisputably to mixed infection. This complication may lead to anky-
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oral cavity. The disease begins with pain in the side, and more often
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are painful and stiff, particularly if there is, as is often the case. 5lipb;
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these subjects are very liable to suffer from catarrhal bronchitis due to
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larger quantities may often be used with advantage. Baths must be
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in the form of little ridges, forming a '' tripe-like membrane." Though
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the prognosis is graver ; and the same is true of those who suffer from
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during the first stage, deserves special emphasis. Equally serious, in
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does not proceed satisfactorily, blisters may be applied over the pre-
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When successive attacks occur in the same individual at intervals
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we are indebted for the first description of " sepsis intestinalis,'* found
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thelium and secretion which issue from the mouths of the follicles of
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entrance of air, the lung collapses completely, and the fistula has a
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ascites is caused either by a leakage of the lacteals (due to ulceration,
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carried forward. (4) Displacement of the heart does not give a heaving
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sued. It is seen in dark-brown or green spiculated spherules ; these are
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<5t ITa—ihuli PlenriBy. — Bv this term is meant an admixUm ((
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fetid) expectoration, together with general wasting. A microscopic ex-
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proof. Osier in one case traced the extension from the face along the
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voluntarily or from dictation so as to be understood ; but he understands
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and fissures (rhagadeg) may be noticed around the outlets of the body
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ometimes quite weak, as shown by the visible first sound and the feeble,
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are absent. If they occur between the ages of forty and sixty years in
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windy days. All excitement was avoided, so as to avoid the precipita-
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cerebral disorders of cretinism in children or myxedema in adults.
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and the nitrites are sometimes of value in cases associated with arterio-
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morning remissions may strike the normal point, while the evening ex-
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relatively shorter antero-posterior diameter of the chest at this point, in
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)ral atrophy, and as a result of active or passive hyperemia.
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by the attendant. On March 2oth there was a considerable rainfall,
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Objects can either not be seen at all or only indistinctly during the day
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sleeplessness, and bad dreams. Pressure on the sacral and visceral
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anemia and cord-lesions are both produced by some toxemia, remains to
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all periods from the time of birth until after puberty.
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well nourished and strong, it may be continued until recovery. On the