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tuberculosis, in 12 of which the tonsils were affected.
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bacilli. The studies of Behring. Rou.x. Kitasato, and others have demon-
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of the disease. The temperature ranges usually from 102° to 104° F.
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BCtitable remedies can take effect. Cocain simulates strychnin in its
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liver). The predisposing causes are the same as for the dry plastic
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as carcinoma of the pancreas, may perforate the gastric coats and open
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eflTusions, before considered, that are met with in certain forms of peri-
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containing many nuclei, some granular dt^bris, and pigment. Oecasic
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Oretinism, Sporadic and Endemic. — Here there is a congenital atropkj
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Thomas advocates thorough rubbing of a strong ointment of ichthyol with
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added. The patient may notice that he experiences sumo difficulty kW
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Individual Prophylaxis. — In the first place, those nursing the sick
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finger-shaped, or olivary. Their seat is usually the gall-bladder, but
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last stage (that of defervescence), and during this period the tempera-
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met by the same remedies that are used to control enteralgia.
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chills, fever, drowsiness, and later stupor, and rarely convulsions and
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for a short distance from the cell, but soon bifurcating. The longer of
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rhagic, so in the gangrenous pancreatitis, disseminated fat-necrosis is fre-
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too much enfeebled, we may abstract a small amount of blood by means
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that the greatest advances in the treatment of the disease are to be ex-
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hypodermically, but always in small doses. In the later stages, particu-
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Nature of MTxedema Proper of Adults. — Charcot, who gave the name
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Pelvic deformities are not uncommon, and are of no little importance
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I (Bribed) form, following tuberculous disease of the lung ; (2) Carcinoiiu
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associated with cases of renal cirrhosis. The urine voided during the
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more than the customary degree of fever is developed, physical explora-
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Symptoms. — Idiopathic pernicious anemia develops so slowly and