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that she was perfectlj sore she had not advanced beyond the

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chalybeates. All the symptoms now improved; and an examination

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tain poisons introduced from without the bod}- — for example, strychnia.

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action being in opposition to a particular morbid condition ; thus, formerly,

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great value; and the present writer has seen him treat them with

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from their mother a strong disposition to that symptom in all

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A certain amount of increase in the number of Avhite globules is not

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ment of disease, and it conduces to a condition of mind most favorable

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in this stage of the disease, is not readily affected by opiates thus given.

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Febrile movement does not accompany the disease in its progress. The

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• Vide Reports on the epidemic Cholera, by Baly & Gull, London, 1854. Expo-

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additional materials through Google Book Search. Please do not remove it.

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foration be small, it may be temporarily plugged by a clot, and life con-

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Indigestion and Constipation are said to be greatly relieved and very often conquered continued

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symptoms with lesions of the intestinal mucous membrane, the

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corded in the simple sentence, ^He knew his diUy^ and performed

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instructions of the former. Dr. Morton continued to deliver annual

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tion and s^mipathy. Inattention to the details into which d^'speptic

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emerged at the vulva, and when the hand was about to be carried

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mation. But m starving animals the fibrin increases above the normal

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under consideration is but one, although the most frequent, of the forms

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less pale; lips well colored, and less dry; eyes less dull; evi-