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77. Oxyuris vermicularis, male and female (after Leuckart)
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much picrate is used, and the color is given 50 instead of 10 min-
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capillaries of the papillary body, as well as of the cutis proper, are all
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in the midgut of the fly, migrate up the digestive tract
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To the practical physician, there is no study more fascinating
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Gm globulin per 100 ml plasma = 0.00625 (a — b) .
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Criticism of special, even bizarre, methods of dietetic treat-
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five years of such activity the most overworked part began to
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immediately. He condemns the use of Ergot: believes he has
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they must produce during immunisation an antitoxine capable of action
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A. B.s, etc., preceding the M. D.s of "regular" authors, the
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color with cholesterol is slower than indicated in the
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tubes inoculated with the smallest portions of origi-
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ing, ipecac, having the patient's head low as compared to the
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