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the checked growth having recommenced and the cretinic aspect having
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to occur. The local use of demulcents and of mildly alkaline an<l anti-
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or even faint. Modification of the sounds just described occurs when
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any one time should not exceed two or three ounces. It would be better
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It is important to bear in mind the fact that uremia may come on at
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with water and the end carried back to the pharynx ; the patient h dow
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with diarrhea, sometimes vomiting, which may be feculent, and not rarely
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dium are also apt to cause purulent effusion, and many of the cases that
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teric duct, and arises from the ileum about half a meter (1.64 ft.) from
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(panting), while the pain persists, and later dyspnea may become marked,
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weeks, during which the patient (usually a child) is pale, peevish, his
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imounts), mutton, chicken, milk, fruits (except bananas, tomatoes, and
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kcrent to adjacent organs — the pancreas, for example — epigastric tumors
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ive dysphagia '* (as in hydrophobia) is rarely observed. These parox-
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examination gives the same result as in the secondary form {vidt' infra).
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tvpe of influenza, it is by no means limited to this class of cases. In
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{b) Interstitial Orchitis, — This is a fibro-sclerotic change that leads
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To assist the appetites of these patients and to stimulate the secretory
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Plisrsical Signs. — Inspection, — Depression or pitting of the intercostal
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leart-walls — are present and active* in facilitating^ the j)r()ces8 of dilata-
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below the ribs. Rarely, the distended gall-bladder projects below the
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is a variety of amnesia in which the patient can no longer recognize
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though to a lesser extent also from hypertrophy (functional).
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are directly concerned in producing the clinical manifestations, either
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found in the secretions of the respiratory tract, but they have not been
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develops for fats a substitution-method of treatment consists in adminis-
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indepcmlently of the chruoic variety, it is ofUia recovered &oro in ihi