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Informacion - ' In the writer's own county, a few years ago, a case of smallpox was fouud in the practice of a competent physician, who immediately reported the case to the county board of health, and urged the necessity of isolation and quarantine of the patient, together with all who had been exposed to the contagion, and the vaccination of the community in whicli the case occurred. The intestine lying between these two points in the mesentery was manner, and dosage the mesentery was closed. But, unfortunately, it is not alone the laity which is in need of education in this respect; the profession is often guilty of being too hasty in pronouncing a robaxin cure and in giving sanction to marriage and to the resumption of the marital relation. The sequel to tlie efforts of these benevolent gentlemen was what might have been e.xpected (shoot). It may be laid down as a rule that in protracted fevers, when the progressive consumption of the albuminous tissues renders it imperative to make can good the waste, however imperfectly, we ought cautiously to administer as much albumen in a suitable form as the patient is able to assimilate (Uffelmann x ). Finally, there are cases of chronic rheumatic arthritis following mg acute articular rheumatism, which, after running a slow course, come ultimately to exhibit the deformity characteristic of arthritis deformans. We were induced to notice it originally rather because of its"amenities" en than because of any intrinsic importance which attached to it. If then we are snort not as yet wholly certain of the existence of oleates of albumen,it is a well ascertained chemical fact that lecithin can combine directly with albumen to form albuminates.

The reader who 500mg wishes to become acquainted with the history of transfusion may consult the works of P. Hall, two of the most eminent American authorities, the one on military surgery and the 500 other on gun-shot wounds, and its other eminent surgeons.

You - the Toronto exhibition will be held in some building centrally situated but not yet determined upon.


Perforating ulcer of the stomach can be diagnosed in time, and that the duty of the medical man is to operate at the earliest possible moment, followed by suture of the opening with silk or linen, caulking the opening with gauze (cena). Co incident with this effect there high is often relief from associated sinus symptoms. Inoculation and contagion were also considered and the infection theory as well as rjtent observations showing the pictures of mitotic changes in espanol the cancer cells. This lotion will occasionally afford great relief in pruritus ani (pills). The upper axillary glands can only be up satisfactorily explored by removal of the pectorals, the operation is not severe and leaves a good functional arm. The history presented by this patient was at first of very little assistance: effects. On the second day the rales returned, expectoration was increased, and continued up to the fifth day, when dogs it again diminished. Albus, washed for five minutes, and soaked for five minutes in a saturated side solution of boric acid, with respective culture growth in each instance (Stark, Thro, and pyocyaneus, washed for five minutes, soaked in lysol with no culture growth resulting (Dederer). The and duration of anaemia is extremely variable. The lessened volume of the blood is a result of the colloid property of the drug albuminates, in virtue of which they imbibe water and fix a certain quantity of it more firmly in the blood; hence, when the proportion of albuminates is lessened, the nutrient fluid parts gradually with some of its water through the emunctory organs.

We for must limit our attempts in this direction to our immediate object, viz., the discovery and recognition of the predisposing causes of In the first place it is important to notice that the blood store differs in magnitude in different persons, all of whom may nevertheless be called"healthy" in the ordinary sense of the word; and that such differences are independent both of age and sex.