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reveal a few moist or dry r&les in the larger bronchial tubes, but there

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they be poisonous, constitutional infection is speedily propagated.

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Did chronic pleurisies. I shall describe the following forms, which are

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Pathology. — A catarrhal swelling of the mucosa of the large and

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It is doubtful if this disease ever occurs independently. It may fol-

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caused by the ray-fungus (actinomyces), which grows in the tissues, de-

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animal produces fever, lasting a day or two. The albuminoid sepa-

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edema, with dropsical effusions in the serous cavities, is by no means

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kept freely open by the use of saline purgatives (concentrated solution

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value. Attention must be paid to the condition of the general system.

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present a slight febrile albuminuria, but acute nephritis is extremely rare.

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The bowels should be made to move freely ; a cathartic may be exhibited

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Lesions of the Pleura. — This membrane is hyperemic and coated with

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The axia-eylinder proeeaseg are delicate filaments that terminate in

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tube associated with a catarrhal state, more readily contracting whoop-

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showing that this reasoning cannot be depended upon.

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disinfected, and bedding had better be burned ; none but the attendants

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is combinnl witli palpitation or extreme weakness or dilatation **i tht

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watery vegetables, fruits, and cereals may be gradually added to the

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tumor the application of an elastic bandage to the chest may be both

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sooner or later by dilatation. The signs are therefore those of adherent

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tion. It is not improbable that these lesions result from the local action

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within the thorax, among which are aneurysm, echinococcus cyst, solid

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may be chronic, as in bulbar palsy or tabes dorsalis. The nuclei