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metronidazole (noritate) 1 cream
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and hence the tuberculous mother is likely to transmit the disease to
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of the ileum with each other or about the pedicle of a twisted cecum.
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bj cleanliness, and if the patient be strong by a cold bath in the morn-
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of this solution being injected twice daily. In addition, nutrient enemata
denly abate. Among other nerves implicated with relative frequency
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pairment of the appetite and digestion or sets up intestinal disturbances,
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(1) FehUng's Test. — Two solutions are used, equal parts being mixed
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ysms of whooping-cough. According to De Mussy and Guitdras, these
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Treatment. — In the treatment of this affection two objects must
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in serious cases it becomes weak, irregular, or even intermittent, while
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this agent recently, and with gratifying results, in a few cases in which
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in fatal cases), death closing the scene usually in from thirty-six to forty-
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sition in this subvariety of pneumonokoniosis to the formation of fibrous
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mixed with the urine, giving a uniformly red or brown color, as in
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of fourteen days. It usually occurs in persons under forty years of age,
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Microscopic examination reveals a widespread destruction of the hepatic
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progressive enlargement. In a few instances tnily diagnostic symptoms
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ease. Doubtless the two affections are sometimes associated, and it can-
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at the same time at MAG office to alleviate the trans-
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fortieth case,^ which prior to reaching a fatal issue had developed wide-
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Treatment. — Propfu/laxis is of the utmost importance. In all
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ilso be occasioned by some intercurrent complicating condition.
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influence, the complication being most marked between ten and forty
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(3) Encirsted Pleurisy. — This term has reference to effusions that are
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se«][aence of the disease. Following typhoid ferer, the pati«it may ex-
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rated. The latter are greenish-gray or greenish-yellow in color, and
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softening nf the indurated areas occurs, loading to the fonnatioa
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the latter event is rare. The respirations are frequent (60 or more per
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granular zone (endosarc), with a visible nucleus and one or more vac-
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in front and interfere with the lung-expansion in the antero-lateral por-
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«rtly and sometimes largely to acid salts or the weaker acids (lactic,
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few of the chief points that are prognostically favorable as well as thoee
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Treatment. — The indications for treatment in cholelithiasis are (a)
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without the formation of pneumothorax. Besides rupture into the
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form first described by Hughlings Jackson in which the convulsion is
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usaally bilateral. As a rule, the bronchial glands are swollen and in-
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Although most common in Bright's disease, uremia may arise also in
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eral pyemic processes or in bone-suppurations of long standing the germs
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oncoming fatigue, may be noted. These symptoms increase in severity,
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advise against the internal use of ergot, which can have little tn n?coiii-