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85,;J6I births were registered in these thirty three towns, equal to an
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centesis of the antnrior chamber of the eye in hypopyon. In
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sho(ving, we think, that in the one class vaccination pro-
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women had been extended throughout the kingdom, and, indeed, over
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Surgeon-Captain H E. Banatvala, Bengal Establishment, made over
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a change of medicine and diet upon him, that he not only once more
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different from that which has hitherto been associated with
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that was the issue of the following circular by the Metropo-
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that the Germans eat much underdone or nearly raw meat,
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chir. Universitatsklinik des Herrn Geheimrath Professor
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had been taken, the pulse had become irregular, and had
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guard the interests of Convocation generally in all matters connected
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It was now ascertained that the stomach was much mis-
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cleared up, the temperature rose again, but before any ex-
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F. Ti. B.-We receive almost every week, and sometimes many times in
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The hemopoietic system showed no special change. , ^. , ^ . ,.
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.Odontological Society of Great Britain 4ij, Leicester .Square, 'NYX).,
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from leper huts, though doubtful bacilli were obtained on
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for the Goleen Dispensary District, vice Michael English, L.R.C.P.
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1.30 a.n'd2; Obstetric, M. Th., l..'io; o.p., W. S,1.30; Eye, Tu.
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to try the cold pack, even if I had been partial to it. We did
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17 years, but never previously pregnant. She thought she
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Army Medical Staft'. It is hard that only those promoted since August,
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data which have been so ably collected and placed before us ;
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fittings throughout the whole building require serious atten-
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Davis (N. s.). Diseases of the Lungs, Heart, and Kidneys. 1893.
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geon, must be F.R.C.S.Eng. Applications to Charles H. Byers, Secre-
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was requested, I examined by the vagina and found the following condi-
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phenomena of labour, and having regard to the clinical facts
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will require further handling and steady employment of the
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The death is announced of Dr. Edward Gumpert, of Man-
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undetermined. Hamilton"^ had previously treated anaemia
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