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the stomach rejects the above-mentioned food, then the feeding rnnsi le.
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anterior commissure at various levels of the cord. The sensory jihtrt
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and one cup of tea or water (300-400 c.c). I constantly advise the
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viously indicated under Gastric Ulcer. The claims that have been ad-
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by Berge and Phillippo with excellent results, the dose being from 1 to
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riorly and posteriorly, is found to be one or two interspaces lower than
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isms is usually a fatal complication. Recovery may ensue in rare in-
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dejections in which the sloughing pancreas has been found, and rapid
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but not in proportion to the height of the temperature, and is full and
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ing with the lesions in dry, plastic pericarditis, though more pronounced) :
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the third or fourth week, and is the one generally known as scarlatiml
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increased activities of the Association, the broadening
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to first note the effect of a rigid dietary as follows :
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life should be adopted. Alcohol, particularly the heavier vines (Madein,
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and free stimulation and the free exhibition of quinin as soon as the
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inflammation usually originates in the smaller veins of the portal system
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Prognosis. — Active hyperemia is frequently followed by collateral
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spasna. The patient should occupy a low seat, with his head supported
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fidelity, and only among uncivilized peoples who are ignorant of or in-
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latter condition may occur without extension of the membrane.
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feels cool, and owing to this fact the rcfctal temperature should be re-
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Predisposing Causes. — (1) A(je. — The period of chief liability is from
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tendinum, a rapid, feeble pulse, a dry, brown tongue, marked diarrhea,
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dose of nitroglycerin (TTlJ ; 0.033, every three or four hours) consid-
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(VI.) Malarial Hematttria and Hemoglobinuria. — I have pre-
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