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25. Schott Exercises. — Neesen's paper gives the proper

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Patient living and without recurrence Sept. 24, 1900.

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They are always present where lead poisonuig is well evidenced,

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authorizing inspection in the one case exist in the other. \

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of 60 beds. The building at present occupied by the hospital

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defective sewage. Medical inspectors have made an investi-

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Kidney ; its Cause and Treatment," which appears in this issue

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medical profession is established ! As the necessity for

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32 The Relation of the Stndent of Medicine and the Recent

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of amibic dysentery; after reviewing the various other

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in the vagina. The active ingredient may be one of the follow-

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failure until death occurs, being the fourth and sixth day«.

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ditional time required of each physician, but thia is an

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In several instances surgeons have operated success-

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ordinary, uncomplicated cases of .typhoid fever, the

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portions of the body. Particularly is this true of the

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medicines for external use. All medicines advertised in the

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and there are some details in regard to it in which we are yet

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1. Liverpool Medlco-Cblr. Jonr., Marck, 1901, p. 216.-

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all the states, and it is possible everywhere. The diffi-

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sively gynecologic practice estimates that 20 per cent,

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Even when tension does exist in cardiovascular disease with

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derived from an exploratory puncture. All the fluid obtained

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after the occurrence, there may be rigidity giving place to dis-

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to receive and announce all essays and memoirs voluntarily

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bin through. Seconded by Dr. Goff, of West Virginia. Carried.