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the general resistance. The false membrane is most frequently seen on

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the tendency to pulmonary complications greatly lessened, especially

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Sensory Aphasia. — This comprises various auditory and visual dis-

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most favorable mode of termination. Unless they are discharged early

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in bed for a period of two or three days. The diet should be light and

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llneiic<Ml l)v the most vifrorous antisvi)hilitic measures. When the eti-

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close the ductus communh^ and in like manner the pancreatic duct or

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The former conditions, however, are distinguished first by the seat and

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grip-like character, aff^ting the entire chest and rendering the bodv mo-

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quantity as in true hypertrophic emphysema, and as a result occupy less

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immediately or a long time may elapse before they are seen. Morrow's

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skin appearing as small red spots. These soon become round, discrete

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suppurations, and in sarcomatous disease of the spinal cord, though the

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great psychic disturbance or a violent reflex spasmodic contra(^tion of

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Compression of the superior vena cava or of the subclavian vein may

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from whatever source may result in hemoptysis, though the amount of

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owing to the fact that the lungs overlap the heart, becomes lessened and

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ing conditions : {a) When tubercles develop on tfao membrane (ride Tu-

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sized doses throughout the febrile stage, with some amelioration of the

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Kinnicut has recommended the employment of the oil of winter-

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possessing a highly neurotic constitution. In this case the esophageal

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Endemic hematuria, so called, is that variety found in some of the

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ular, calm, steady, and temperate life. Exercise should be so mauacretl

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used of ''small, granular, fatty kidney.'* Under the microscope we

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habits, careful dress, and medicinal tonics and alteratives, as cod-liver

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most apparent in the legs. Dyspnea, vomiting, diarrhea, and a progres-

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Application : Dilute 1 c.c. of Fehling's solution (about 10 drops

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high proportion of globulin as compared with the serum-albumin (Sal-

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measles, chicken-pox, erysipelas, septico-pyemia, acute lobar pneumonia,

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associated with a rash, rendering it diflScult to distinguish the condition

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some article that ha.s been eaten to satisfy the perverted appetite.

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pigment be present, the gravitated chloroform will be colored yellow.'


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physeal cartilage) is the proliferative or hyperplastic zone. It presents i

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hat do not present a visible swelling. The dull area varies in outline

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vesical sphincter (vesical tenesmus). The presence of pus and of pelvic

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joint- pains, and sometimes nausea and vomiting. In ordinary forms the

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general etiology of tuberculosis {vide supra)^ though a few special points

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public and we are merely their custodians. Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to

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footfall of a horse at canter. The interpolated sound is due to a redupli-

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preliminary symptoms diabetic coma must sometimes be of uremic

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practically no changes in the glands of the digestive mucosa, except in

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guarding the heart, and the signs of collapse must be promptly met by

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\T even 130 beats. Dyspnea, a tendency to syncope, and gastric dis-

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latter confers more lasting benefits than the former. These patients are

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eters range from ^ to 2 or 3 mm. At first they are almost transparent,

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are so imbued with the fact that optic neuritis is a symptom of brain-

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This is exceedingly rare, the total number of cases on record being

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tricles. This condition is generally fatal. Thrombotic obstruction of

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nin, and of diffusible stimulants may probably be of some avail.

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apOD Ibe dde-roda. Theie rodi tetna b completa fhuntiwork liirtht.. ihv

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esophageal spasm relief may be afforded by a hypodermic injecti<m c(