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period of life. A large percentage of the entire population of an in-

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Prognosis. — All cases of uncomplicated intermittent fever under

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affected epistaxis is common, while in lateral sinus-involvement post-

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dition emboli may be disseminated throughout the system, while from

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Pathologic Icterus, — The causes are the following : (a) Congenital

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the physical signs afford characteristic evidence of the condition. From

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ber, as is shown by the tracing on the accompanying chart (Fig. 10),

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ence with a cardio-pulmonary circulation, and with the function of res-

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usually not when the stools have become formed. Tenesmus is not a

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fmph-cells containing blood-corpuscles are found in the sputum, these

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acid or sodium hyposulphite (.=g — 4.0 — of either to sj — 32.0 — of »iier.

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rowing and flattening of the upper parts of the chest may result firon

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times exerts a favorable influence, and particularly on the temperature