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the muscles is most pronounced when the anterior gray matter of the

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tnunicatians between the gall-bladder and stomach, intestinal canal, blad-

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(5) " Sepsis Intestinalis." — This special form of poisoning is caused

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end is approaclied in a very gradual manner, and cases in which rup-

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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis of the disease itself is not difficult, bat

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form the largest part of the apex, but the latter will be less conical than

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se(|uence of change of position of the patient, as is not the case in edema

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aminer is first arrested by the peculiar joggling movements of the red

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aching in the limbs and lumbar region. With the fully-developed

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in conse([uence, but this is not for long, as a rule. I have at presrnt

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chitis. The tongue is coated and the patient may make complaint of

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larly if bronchitis be associated with free secretions, the oil of eucalyp-

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of function can occur, even when the symptoms of degeneration in the

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{viiie Entcroptosis). In this connection Ewald's statement **that abnor-

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to the cock, the other having a needle-pointed cannula, a little longer,

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aortic regurgitation give the shortest intervening periods as a rule.

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edge of the liver can often be distinctly felt below the costal margin —

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* Sadler, Fnrt^chritit d*u' Medichiy 1892; Leichteustein, Uebtr der Hwrnoghbin-gekah

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the fevers mentioned. The symptomBy diagno^U^ and treatment of the

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400 c.c), a large piece of beefsteak (150-200 goi.), and some potitoes

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In the acute splenic tumor of typhoid fever, in malaria, and during an

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from pain may be noted on pressure with the broad hand in neuroses.

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practically been no change or improvement either in the method or the

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|uantity given, and the closest observation of symptoms indicative of

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tional disturbances of the sympathetic and pneumogastric nerves.

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onary arteries and their branches or to aneurysmal bulgings, but the

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The chief source of these excitants is an unsuitable dietary, and especially

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The most striking symptom is paviy which in a certain percentage

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ture, and similar to those of microcephaly or %enile dementia. In cases,

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lent. Dilatation of the tubes and resulting fetid bronchitis mav be d^

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for its aim the prevention of a recurrence of the dilatation must also

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te terms, but tne latter has reference to that condition in which the

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lower part of the supraspinous fossa, while anteriorly the early signs

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move the transudation, hydragogue cathartics are most potent for good,

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mucous membrane, the researches of Afanassiefi" in 1887 have attracted

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cord prevent any marked degree of dyspnea and stridor : phonation is

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ease (Striimpell). The aflection must be carefully diagnosed from lit