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x>nstant absence of free HCl. Riegel has recently given emphasis to

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same subject, and with these arterio-sclerosis is quite commonly combiDed

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effect a lodgement elsewhere, or even become widely diffused through

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the most frequent bearer of cholera-poison is the drinking-water. Natur-

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women, and usually between the thirtieth and fiftieth years. Business or

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$600 estimate for Kennedy’s plan. The senator chal-

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the course of the former complaints. These are — a pulsating |»roiD-

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(3) Gangrene may rarely follow, but is due to a specific cause, and

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gradual manner in which the lesions develop; and second, the pro-

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The progfnosis is serious, owing to the greater liability to infectious

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that affects chiefly the cerebral cortex. Hence, while there will be

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Aortic diastolic and systolic and mitral presystolic and systolic, 3.77 *'

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development. From the commencement of the attack a moderate febrile

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from the ulcers or from a single primary focus. Cultures are generally

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extent, and situated in the gray matter of the cord in the neighbor-

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(not yet isolated) that is constantly present in the superficial layers of

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organic diseases to which continuous gastric succorrhea may be second-

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same individual. And yet while it is true that persons have had nu-

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or three days the characteristic symptoms (including the eruption) re-

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pathic epilepsy removal of the motor cortex has been tried in those cases

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iongestive stage, the topical use of ice, allowed to slowly dissolve in the

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ready interpretation of the notable effects following total or partial

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to form the triple ammonio-magnesia phosphatic crystals, the commonest

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lUarly intermittent type or the truly intermittent. The latter is often asso-

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ognomonic sign. It is confined to the lower portion of the jugular

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ative factors, {e) Haoitual overeating and drinking, owing to the imper-

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the supposition that it is dependent upon some hereditary influence. In

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Intercurrent contractions vary in different cases from very mild move-

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Elevation of Temperature. — The exacerbations may at first touch

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dejecta, and the paroxysmal pain with jaundice and intermittent fever,

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\T even 130 beats. Dyspnea, a tendency to syncope, and gastric dis-

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