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throbbing headache, vertigo, and tinnitus aurium. The clinical mani-

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the absence of thyroid functions-congenital, or lost during childhood) ;

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marked cas^s of the disease. Early in the attack, when the incipient

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almost solely among women. It is very painful, and gives rise to the

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In its spleen, lungs, and liver were found nodules resembling tubercles

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ferent distribution, the favorite seats being the lymph-glands, intestines,

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A change of climate seems to operate as a cause, and is manifested

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portal circulation occurs, and results in the development of ascites.

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coexist has been referred to ; in such cases there may develop at any time

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been jivrn. They ■ih-iuM l«f ust-il «ince daily, and often can l»e pa*M'i

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infancy and childhood will always tax to the utmost the skill of the

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terminate favorably, although cardiac distress with palpitation may occur

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The mesenteric lymph-glands may soften or suppurate {vide Pathol-

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lesions may rarely arise on the posterior wall of the pharynx by direct

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several of my own cases the amount of urine passed was out of all pro-

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myalgias. The onset is sudden, sometimes intensely so, and the lum-

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mucus. Tenesmus may be present, and particularly when the rectum

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one-half of this number. The most conspicuous local symptom is the

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is* frequent, the skin dry and unduly warm, thirst is increased, while the

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(a) Infected Drinking-water. — In the vast majority of instances the

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These are oftenest seen on the face or upon the extensor surfaces of ike

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eration of the epithelium. Minute areas of necrosis have been observed

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tion becomes more chronic. In some instances the distention is so great