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sometimes persist, or disappear very slowly after the acute attack,

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thus be useless, if not harmful. High rectal injections, copious, steady,

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(2) Epidemic Pneumonia. — This is often of malignant type. The

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constant general evidences of internal bleeding — an anxious countenance,

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)res8ure increase slowly, collateral circulation may be established com-

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though it also sometimes attends the advanced stages of grave feren.

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Btin indication is to strengthen that organ by bodily rest and quiet and

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cannot be used with the expectation of producing a cure. The bowtU

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8«x. — A larger proportion of males than females is affected.

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cases in which the consolidated areas occupy the central portions of the

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anemia, and it may be quite difficult to discover which of these is the

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/fi4iiiylU¥ ^4 u. 4yu^uUtf\(i churiuster^ the ulcers are especially marked in

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(2) Topical applications ; (3) Permanent drainage of the bladder.

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feeding even if it does cause discomfort, and here forced feeding by

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composed chiefly of j)us-corpnscles, with which are intermingle«I Cbar-

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ing should be instituted. If excision of the diverticulum he ileenfJ

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appear, and form the most marked and characteristic accompaniment of

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Mental excitement is to be avoided, since it may produce a recrudescence

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side it is increased. The volume of the thorax on the diseased side is

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ProgfUOsiS. — In sero-fibrinous pericarditis recovery is the rule under

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(4) Hemoptysis. — According to some authors, hemoptysis is potent in

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The clinical features of perihepatitis and peritonitis are often found in

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kwever, that old and apparently healed tuberculous lesions take on

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primary form are wanting, since often in the secondary variety the primary

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at another subsequent i)erio(l there may be a sudden recurrence of the

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after birth, and less rare in those past middle life. It is more frequent in

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Neither of the first two, however, runs its entire course without develop-

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found. Tuberculosis may occur either in the form of miliary mbwela

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pany and fecal vomiting are less prominent and late in appearance.

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superadd a murmur, as in cases of chronic valvular disease at the aoriculo-

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•re larger, but similar in nature and behavior to the petechias. They

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The influence of sex and age as causal factors is notable and in

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Since the right heart is the most frequent seat for these thrombi, pul-