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Treatment. — Until the advent of thyroid-feeding the treatment of
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Etiology. — Pulmonary edema is secondary to pneumonia and acute
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rent in particular) are sometimes efficient, and in chronic cases potai-
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increases or diminishes with the exacerbations and remissions of tem-
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from a somewhat novel mode of treatment. When there is a pulmonary
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The treatment is that of cerebral hemorrhage ; in some cases ope-
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ions recovery or improvement was noted in 6, while fatal terminations
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very insidiously. Traces of albumin may be found for a few days be-
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Definition. — Uremia is the term applied to a group of manifestations,
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auscultation, and by the immovable, fixed upper level of dulness. If
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ion may ensue. In 8 cases the bacillus of anthrax was isolated.
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remains between 100° F. (37.7° C.) and 102° F. (88.8° C.) while the
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k cloth, so as to get out as much liquid as possible. Of this, 2,
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S3rmptonis. — The involved joints may not present any markedly
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painful attacks simple enemata, repeated every couple of hours, will
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: rv--*t f <*>rr.:t r.:a:i-r. wa* i *»isorved. The se»::iun-.xs. eij:h:oen in number, were accurately
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and will assist nature's efforts at separating the adherent membranes.
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and tubercle bacilli, though more often these are noted after the affection
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examination of the blood is of value. In tuberculous meningitis he has
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causing fetor of the breath. From time to time, and especially on it-
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nation is often performed spasmodically, or there may be a spasm of the
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ind Leube has seen it precede the latter. This observer noted on one
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elevated, owing to the increase in the cells in the rete mucosunij they
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cases due to this cause a mild purgative, followed by proper dietetic
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tates frequent <lrinking, but the voracious appetite seen in diabetes !»'»•
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Pathology. — The characteristic lesions are new growths (granu-
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Symptoms. — The mucous membrane of one cheek, near the corner
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from perforation of a dysenteric ulcer, causing death. The point of per-
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somewhat that of the quotidian intermittents, and rarely the tertian
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patient's anxiety is extreme. The effusion may be purulent, and if so
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