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sor Brouardel, dean of the Paris faculty of medicine and the

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we breathe and the water we drink, it must be apparent

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gall-bladder containing calculi and some pus mixed with mucus.

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have been held as to IJie part played by the diplococci of

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true cicatricial tissue composed of bundles of interlacing

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phenomena produced by theit electrical kites, and other atmospherical

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the disease perfectly; 9,006 imperfectly, and 15,000 not at all. It might be

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are two important factors not yet sufficiently recognized: One

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on so tenaciously to objects held before them that they

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AppUcetur emplastrum cantharidis epigastrio. Capiat solution, sulphatis

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equilibrium constituting health no longer exists ; when other disorders make

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string was probably torn in the delivery, and she did not tie it. Finding

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new work on the principles of general and comparative physiology. The

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ably for more than three weeks, after which the patient was seized with

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Neuralgia. No. 1. — This patient is subject to intermittent sternal and

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were named, and the following officers elected: Dr. Leslie L.

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ach, or from the bowel, in iiny amount, then we may expect

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ascribe diabetic impotence to the drying up of the sperm for want of

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day, a considerable quantity of fluid escaped stillicidium [strllatim], so that

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has been so long recognized as to require no reiteration

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legal action will follow when once the public is con-

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one so radical and revolutionary that it is strange it

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invariably crowned the third attempt. Four of the five patients

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The sounds are at present much as when he came into the house.

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a Line. — As noted above, twenty-five miles an hour

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the columns for sensation; and farther, that the decussation is only partial

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others, the patients had been enfeebled from loss of blood to such an extent

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sion of the extensor tendon. This proceeding was accordingly adopted.

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matism of the right wrist ; another in January last, in the wrist and articu-

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sons along tiieir lines, and especially to incite discussion

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tury since, which latter was in the habit of dividing the origin or attach-

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suture. All went well for a week, when the threads cut through

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perisotonic salt solution, and that the changes in the red cor-

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trolled, as is sometimes the case, more by the impulses of mercy