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le troublesome, and are usually symptomatic of lymphoid growths in
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is, as a rule, quite rudimentary. The relative duration and severity of
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it becomes greatly thickened and often cartilaginous in appearance.
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connected with the circulating medium, but that its evolution princi-
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creasing general weakness and emaciation become rather prominent
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Tuberculosis is apt to develop especially in children while convalescing
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Uldergoing indirect division of their nuclei, are frequently found.
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son, and also to a slight extent by faulty hygienic conditions. On the
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said seven-tenths). It is met with much earlier, however, as a result of
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ence of considerable quantities of bile-pigment or from bacterial action.
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should indicate the extension of the trouble up the Eustachian tube, we
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thrombosis ; (b) cicatricial contraction from cirrhosis or syphilis of the
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etc.). \ omiting often induces marked debility, and calls for the use of
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a predisposing factor. It will be remembered that in the description of
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recur if errors in diet be committed or if peritonitis supervene. During
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in the pneumatic cabinet, and also the inhalation of oxygen, are worthj
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formed in neutral or alkaline urine (Vierordt). On standing the uric
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red color, its substance being firmer than normal. The center of the
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are concerned in the causation or not, remains to be determined. Since
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ishing the heart's labor without diminishing its power. Should the ra[»-
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his patient is suffering from some primary disease of the brain or ntrves.
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irregular, and, though not diagnostic, the pulsus paradoxus has been
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vene. The latter are more apt to come on, and earlier too, in double
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and deep-seated. Here the symptoms and physical signs are indefinite.
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ery, menstrual irregularity, dysmenorrhea, ovarian or uterine disorders,
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It is to be recollected, however, that the course of tuberculous menin-
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( 1 ) Auxiliary dues be included in the central bill-
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the later stage may be thus noted. The existence of hemarrhagie ifcaAiey
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tolic murmur may also develop, owing to relative insufficiency.
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the case progresses may become either increased or greatly diminished
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spleen. Hemorrhagic infarcts are occasionally presented by this organ.
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p in persons whose occupation entails exposure to infection. In
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not available. Twenty-eight states had registered one
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(2) Hypertrophy and Dilatation. — In chronic myocarditis hyprr-
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carbolic acid or by the use of the antiseptic spray. In a recent am
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onset is more gradual, and the signs of tumor and increased resistance