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the pylorus is suspected and whcu the food is retained in the slomich

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{vide Clinical Varieties) the tendency to hemorrhage and peritonitis is

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the reassurance that at least, no cancer was detected at that time.

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spond to rigid scientific re((uirements during epidemic outbreaks

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pain is a prominent symptom throughout the entire course of the aff(c-

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hough even this is an influence the significance of which has been

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is lukewarm 10 or 15 drops of diastase (Forbes) are added to it, the gmel

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an<l pericarditis). Ilueter first advance<l the germ-theory to account for

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The third and most important factor entering into the production of pul-

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some soreness, heat, persistent dryness, and lividity of the mucous mem-

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now seen and feebly felt, as a rule, below the xiphoid cartilage, on lea

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In hepatic syphilis the mercurials are usually combined with iodids

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ment of cardiac complications, though it does not seem to influence the

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Complications. — There may be developed by direct extension sec-

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varieties, is chronic, and it not inTrequently terminates in chronic catarrh

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during the day and the other at night, so that one while not in use may

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wrist. The cardiac impulse may disappear with increasing asthenia — a

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numbers (5J — 4.0 ; 5j — 32.0) in order to render it of greater practical

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matism or to rupture. Spontaneous rupture generally results from exten-

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The prognosis is as varied as the etiology. Death may come

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a cortical layer of gray substance, within which is the medulla or white

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>eing inferred, however, it has been called thyroidin.^ Others suggest

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sanitary conditions and poor attention greatly diminishing, and the

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Prognosis* — This is guardedly favorable as to life, but unfavorable

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It has also been shown that one of the chief effects of sclerosis affect-

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effusion, and shows itself on the right side by the lowering of the liver

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The judicious and careful use of the catheter, followed by the adminis-

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clubbed appearance, and the nails are thickened and curved like iIm

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the day, beginning usually shortly before noon, and reaching its maximum