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be kept active by means of Turkish or Russian baths (under supervision),

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trachea, causing paroxysmal cough and dyspnea, or on the esophagus,

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nia, arsenic, and iron, are especially to be recommended.

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fistric disturbance, followed by almost complete freedom from symptoms.

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easy when either exists alone, if it be remembered that the wat tt

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as well as to serum-albumin. A few crystals may be dropped into the

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as of renal edema, is based solely upon theoretic views. The theory

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{a) Age. — The following table shows the early onset in a large ma-

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effect ; but ordinarily they do harm rather than good. Pilocarpin may

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usually from two to three or four days. It may rarely, howeyer, be

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tures involved. The disease runs its course within five or six days, but

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ninuria is rare. It is to be recollected, moreover, that not all cases of

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though it is of somewhat doubtful utility, and in abductor palsy may

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creamy laudable pus. From this focus of suppuration embolic abscesses

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rarely the direct cause of death in tuberculosis. Slight hemorrhages

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tapping with free depletion, the course of the disease has been appa-

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bility,' both as to temperature and relative humidity. They tend to

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dulla, and runs on either side of the neck in the sheath of the carotid

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(2) Perforation of the lung from without or from adjacent organs!. as

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causing depressions, while flattened protuberances may develop over the

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nflammatory complications may add to the perils of the condition.

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every leading particular the genuine form so closely as to make the dis-

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marked difficulty. Ascites must be distinguished in practice from the

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with in widespread and rapid cases of wasting. In certain so-called

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(3) It appears as a symptom of malaria (which acts like the other infec-

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Prognosis. — Unless far advanced, the prognosis generally becomes

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tion as the result of coughing the exact quality of the breath-sound is

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patient. Soon the gums become *' touched" — i. e. red, swollen, tender

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women, and usually between the thirtieth and fiftieth years. Business or

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character, blowing (long-drawn), and frequently musical; HMaetitut*.

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in 39 (8.6 per cent.), in one instance, four, and in another seven, ante-

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congestion and apoplexy may also be met with in hypertrophy vith

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Symptoms. — The symptoms vary somewhat with the nature of ihe

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due either to a thickening or adhesion of the segments. With few

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iver, in consequence of the absence of angina, of the typical tongue, the

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for and remove the causal affections in every case. When associated with

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dromal symptoms other than malaise and possibly chilly sensations.