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Physical Signs. — Inspection. — Visible pulsation is one of the earliest

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nants of liver-tissue. The walls of the recent abscess are irregular and

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had no fistulous connection with the bronchus. It is to be recollected

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Packard, Sir Dyce Duckworth, and Osier have reported such cases. (.*>)

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may be given in ascending doses. Poisoning by drugs that produce fatty

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not unusually stupid or unconscious. When the nervous phenomena

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and irregular. Gradual anesthesia comes on with general muscular

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the same time by putting the patient at rest with the head lowered.

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and cysts). (7) Glycosuria may occur in exophthalmic goiter, and, ac-

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itis develops. Hearing may be increased, owing to paralysis of tlt«

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Pathology. — The organ is larger than normally and of firmer con-

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mainly nervous and either acute or chronic, resulting from a toxemia due

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These are strictly pathologic substances, and are usually found together.

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in consequence of which the organ may exhibit increased motility.

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to the cock, the other having a needle-pointed cannula, a little longer,

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dyspnea and cyanosis. With the increase in size of the new growth

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Seidlitz powder in the morning, is advisable. To children a dose of

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more, several possible causes may exist in a given case of symptomatic

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one another. The point of puncture is in the sixth interspace on the right-

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