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i and most cases yield an unfavorable prognosis. In those instances,

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Recurrence at the end of periods ranging from a few months to a year or

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portion if it is in the small intestine. Peristalsis is increased from

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founded with true cystitis. The points of differentiation, however, are as

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(7) Race exerts little influence in other lands than our own, but in

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Treatment. — This is mainly local. The bladder may be irrigated

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kted, and free from draught, and the action of the skin is to be £ELYored

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seized suddenly with profuse intestinal hemorrhage or general diffuse

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ture in bed. In the later stages the symptoms are due to mitral incom-

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lalicylate (gr. Ix-lxxx — 4.0-6.1 — in the twenty-four hours), may be re-

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The free evacuation of the stomach should be followed by the adminis-

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is applicable. Briefly, this consists in eliminating some of the inocula-

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stage extends over a period varying from months to even as long as

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matism was also complicated with endo-pericarditis and pneumonia.

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erable, anorexia is complete, and the tongue often has a thick coating

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able ravages, chiefly along the belts of the Ganges, and has probably

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dicate, is never large in dry or plastic pericarditis. Myocarditis may

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Etiology. — Bacteiiologr. — In 1880, H&tiBen discovered the ba«jliiu

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alterriat<-.s with periods of '' hectic fever," and late in the affection a watery

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Bacteriology. — While it is true that in many instances there is no

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(2) Factors that tend to excite dropsical effusion. These may be g»-

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but the smallest bed-sore demands active treatment. It is to be kept

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good as a rule ; the bodily weight is also well maintained, and the

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by other hysterical manifestations ; and chronic interstitial nephritis^

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Gmelins test is most commonly employed, though it is not the most

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from the sacral region by a pad connecting the shield with springs (or


Though it is regarded as a rare disease, the fact that it is unrecognizable

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these do not present many of the distinctive features just mentioned.

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have resembled the roughened surfaces produced by separating two slices