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aflTection is apt to recur ; relapses are also frequent in those having weak

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upon it as thin filaments. This condition is met with in syphilis,

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forces the cardiac stimulants and purgatives before mentioned often

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occurs a decided accumulation of secretion in the tubes, when there

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amount passed in twenty-four hours is sometimes normal or may be

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the stomach, it may be rubbed gently into the skin of the thighs and

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renal secretion consists principally of water, and that in most forms of

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cord-symptoms of a pronounced type develop quickly. The parts below

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a pertinent question. It would certainly seem highly desirable to check

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deposits urates. As in other infectious diseases, there is commonly

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vided portions. Strychnin gives prompt results, and may be used in

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weeks the gland may be found completely sequestrated, lying in the

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version into masses of connective tissue. Waxy or hyaline degeneration

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proximity to caseous masses and around cavities. The new connective

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organs are enlarged, firm, and of a dark, bluish-red color. The capsule

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rapid (120-140 or more), feeble, and possibly irregular (often dicrotic),

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recognized : (a) the circumscribed, and (6) the diffuse.

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stomach and the intestines are oflen simultaneously involved in a catarrhal

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met with on dry, sandy soils, and even on distinctly rocky strata.

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sternum, and persists until the end. At this period the presystolic

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bear some relation to the severity of the eruption. In some cases the

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will show the tertian or quartan parasite {vide infra).

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Ck>nstitational Ssrmptoms. — At the onset the patient in asthenic cases

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Vomited). The softening in tuberculous pneumonia does not, however,

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Diagnosis. — As the dysphagia is a symptom of paramount im-

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able. Those directly due to the vascular disturbance are severe head-

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lar, and intermittent pulse ; often an indistinct apex-beat ; an outward,

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colloid variety. Cancerous peritonitis is commonly found to be an asso-

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the mildest form is of little moment. When severe and accompanied