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Pathology. — The constitutional changes or peculiarities on which

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jury at birth, either instrumental or due to a malposition, as first pointed

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organic changes, though originating in fetal endocarditis. After birth

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(six to ten days), after which time the swelling subsides, and by the

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out dilatation receives the name ^^ simple hypertrophy^*^ and hypertrf)pky

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ease a guarded prognosis. A common error is the mistaking of a tem-

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organs (lungs, esophagus), or tuberculous pulmonary cavities which

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Membership Committee is assembling a list of eligible

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hemorrhages a pronounced anemia is produced, the objective sign.* au-i

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ally a previous history of alcoholism, and the condition is often accom-

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hours ; it is freciuent before or after meals, and often vomiting -h

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acteristic feature. The face, particularly the nose, now swells, and a

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is thus directly useful ; massage may be substituted for active exercue

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hand and back of the foot, giving rise to a visible venous pulsation. L.

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the brain are distended by the cerebro-spinal fluid. In the congenital

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use of pilocarpin are to be ascribed to a property possessed by it of

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are painful and stiff, particularly if there is, as is often the case. 5lipb;

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protected junior population is attacked. The epidemics occur mostly

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unctions of ichthyol, iodoform, or green soap may be tried for their

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In the later stages there is no objection to the use of morphin Lyi^v-

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but multiple abscesses are the rule. The contents may be very fetid and

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applicable when the liver is much enlarged and ascites is a marked fea-

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Cheyne-Stokes breathing, may be observed toward the end of the pa-

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period, and finally terminates fatally. There are no bacilli in thr sptil

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immersed in water at the temperature of 80° F. (26.6° C), to be re-

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It is unwise to use opium to allay the cough, since the action inrolra

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extend from adjacent parts, as the neck, pharynx, and other organs^

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Guaiacol has been used for its potent antipyretic effect by H. 6.

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dison's disease, such as atrophy of one or both glands from interstitial

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Constipation^ which is often present, and particularly until the mid-

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due to relaxation of the perinephric (peritoneal) tissues, the kidney thus

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nerve may be implicated at the base of the brain by tumors, aneurysms,

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ysmal, but dull and boring in character, increasing in severity as the