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diaphragm. The condition is described under the heading Acute Peri-

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Prophylaxis also includes the removal of any diseased conditions

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(c) In peliosis rheumatica^ in addition to the measures recommended

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cells. I have observed an instance in which diabetes coincided with

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It is repeated at somewhat irregular intervals, and rarely it may recur

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Mitient should wear flannels next to the skin in all seasons.

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cates an extreme degree of destruction of this gland (Fitz). A cachectic,

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the sea-shore will shorten the progress of the trouble and limit to a

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and peculiarities in the development of its mesentery. These factors

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extreme atrophy of both the intima and media is not uncommon in the

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legs and sometimes spreading to the flexors of the arms and the abdominal

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lissue, including elastic fibers, crystals of hematoidin, cholesterin, and

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per rectum if not retained by the stomach, or they may in some measure

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tation. In older children, who object to the tube through the mouth, it

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venules of the pia, obliterating their lumen. The pia mater is gradu-

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Lymphatic Glands, — In the splenic-lymphatic variety, which is less

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wanting. Again, wben in tbe course of certain chronic affections (phthisis,

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the bacilli fall upon a soil that is altogether favorable to their growth

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common for the same reason in carcinoma, tuberculosis, paralysis, chronic

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iMt enters into the emboli are the thrombi in the right side of the heart

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nd usually between the ages of three and eight years ; damp weather,

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and chronic nephritis may date from an attack of erysipelas. Per contra^

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demanded by excessive suffering it had better be omitted altogether.

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interstitial alveolar tissue. As applied to the lungs, however, it reUtes

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the lower extremities, simultaneously or successively involved. The on-

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eter. Like the Hunterian chancre, their periphery is more or less

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by diarrhea, intestinal hemorrhage, metrorrhagia, or epistaxis, and then

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llneiic<Ml l)v the most vifrorous antisvi)hilitic measures. When the eti-

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ureteral distention sometimes may be felt in pyelitis calculosa.

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tory of an acute illness with a sudden onset, the symptoms pointing to