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patients at this time comes from going out too early. Usually the tem-
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effective means of prevention if resorted to at the proper time.
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ronment calculated to increase tnc nervous tone of the child is to be pro-
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Anorexia is usually complete ; thirst is excessive, and there may be
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trie affections, and, at all events, is not entitled to more than a brief
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catechu, cerium oxalate, and silver nitrate, with small doses of opkm
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pneumonia — viz. the complete consolidation of one or more lobes, which
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the catarrhal and paroxysmal stages of the disease. As important ad-
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able change of air,* or the use of quinin, mineral acids, arsenic, smill
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Thb biliary passages may be the seat of carcinoma, which may
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the mouth may also exhibit convulsive movements, causing the patient to
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the coarser vegetables and sweets being prohibited, since they increase
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ting observation of the constitutional state and of the physical signs is
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'-'^ '■* «,. \-- ■ fullv inoculated upon inferior ani-
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closely ; in any doubtful case the urine should be examined for lead.
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out of proportion to the general indications of the disease. In mild
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own, and hence may be dignified by a separate though brief mention.
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pontine hemorrhage the opposite to this occurs. As a rule the symp-
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having undergone fatty degeneration and fibrous change.
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sixth day. Erysipelas may occur as a complication, and, if it is preva-
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the same material. The diet should be liquid and nourishing, milk be-
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and they vary with the individual forms. Thus in ** congestive chills"
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diffuse nephritis, however, according to Delafield, certain lesions are more
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As has already been stated, the most frequent mode of infection is
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trated solution of chlorinated lime, shaking the tube after each ad-
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articular rheumatism, in which pericarditis with hyperpyrexia occurred,
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abnormality of function of the intestinal nerves that leads to a weak-
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(ftf 0'**.4t/i«:'iUH System. — (S\inosis occurs, but, being of a moderate
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by the mouth (croton oil, gtt. j or ij), and at the same time an enema
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early and persisting throughout the course of the disease ; it may be in-
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exudative nephritis new epithelium appears, and a restoration of the
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explanation for the occasional endemic character of the malady.
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in which he favors the affected side by leaning toward it. There is a
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(proteid) diet or a sedentary life, seem to predispose to stone. Heredity
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present at or about the age of forty, they may be mistaken for carci-
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ulcers, and also in perforation of the gall-bladder, in rupture of the liver,
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40), injected subcutaneously (18 cases) ; zinc oxid (14 cases) ; mercurio-
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0.777-1.036) may serve to successfully abort the attack, and, in con-