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108°, 109° F. (42.7° C), or higher, though in light cases the acme may
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tion on the proximal side of the point of obstruction. The development
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to the cock, the other having a needle-pointed cannula, a little longer,
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(6) Dysaeusia — difficult hearing — may be due to middle-ear disease,
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?»t6d at intervals of six to eight hours until the spasm is overcome,
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mine which of these was the primary condition ; and the same difficulty
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the peculiar features just pointed out may also be observed in connection
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will remain unrelieved. If dropsy be slight or absent, 10 minims (0.666)
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at the manubrio-gladiolar junction, as well as a grooved depression at
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honatemesis, together with the longer duration of ulcer (more than two
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marked by a sudden and considerable fall of temperature.. (4) In the
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or it may follow excessive over-eating or sedentary habits. (6) It often
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very young children either the buttock or thigh is to be preferred, while
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of obvious causal factors. They become intensified, and now the attack
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mwollen tonsih having no deposit, may give rise to the question whether
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serious complication are diphtheria, scarlet fever, typhoid fever, erysip-
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nothing characteristic to distingaish them from other causes of obstmction
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drinks. It is, however, not possible to formulate general rules that will
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psychic — be so regulated as to bring about an improvement in the gen-
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the form of little bluish subcuticular spots (the "' t&ches bleudtres '' of
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the patient becomes somnolent or, rarely, even comatose ; the breath-
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cardiac stiiuulants must be administered simultaneously. Of these,
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moistened in a solution of starch and dried) are used : they are moist-
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“is not productive as a screening procedure for chest
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smooth internal surface, but when atheromatous changes occur it shom
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fre((uently from the nose. Legg has made three clinical groups, based
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■ \:~.:^*t■ <". w ".v .sv. \ '.h:i r iv^* w::hvlr*w. two r^^und^sl pr^tr,i>i».'::s.
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etiology. — The influence of sex and age has been mentioned ; a
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uremia, and allied cerebral states — that retention of bronchial secretiou
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meeting with any noticeable resistance. It has usually been observed
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donna may be used in the early stages, and, later, mercury or the iodids
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nounced vesical irritability, the affection in them probably resulting from
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folds from the wasted frame, all the fat having melted from the body.
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are the pathways for the conduction of nervous impulses to those regions
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itself anywhere but in a joint is to be considered irregular or incom-
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ture is frequent. The shrinking shortens the curtains or curls their