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fectious hepatitis and infectious mononucleosis be re-

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This is formed by fibers from the superior cerebellar peduncles, the olivary

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particles of urates, albumin, fat, cellular debris, and even bacteria

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lead to subsecjuent pancreatic inflammation. A prolonged course of

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degree comfortable. As this is often but an advanced stage of hyper-

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chiefly sensory. The vagus is in part the motor nerve of the intes-

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The symptoms depend upon the particular segment or segmniti

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1 is of a mild grade, as a rule, (e) It is frequently occasioned by

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nervous manifestiitions. Tenderness over the spleen and bones may be

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accompanied by fever, at least not until its final stage. It may be im-

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ance and interest, rather than of clinical necessity or practical value.

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dose of nitroglycerin (TTlJ ; 0.033, every three or four hours) consid-

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symptoms are present. All the manifestations are purely psychic in na-

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frequently by far after the latter event. This fremitus is best felt over

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ant in preventing the spread of the disease. This part of the work is

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Wmm ik» kbor of tbe mnsntbr cou and to prevent the continual neo^

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coiyza, general catarrhal symptoms, fever in the earlier stage, followed

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ency to centralization of tuberculous growths, as, for example, in the

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vent the development of a serious condition is the ase of cold sLover-

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having HMO’s available to 80 per cent of the popu-

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tive lung-disease, not infrequently gives rise to hepatic cirrhosis. Here

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ition, and may be either general or local, being sometimes limited to

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