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and thence proceeding to the symptoms presented by the stomach, spleen,

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tuating tumor. There may be slight tenderness. Dulness on percussion

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fested the disease before the age of ten. (d) Heredity has been traced

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and particularly because of the fact that Lissauer's column was involved.

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tuberculosis, a knowledge of the pre-existence of a tuberculous focus or

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hrill and a diastolic shock. Coextensive with the area of pulsation

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The former are the more important and always obtain, and, named in

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Does the American Cancer Society only ring a bell with you in the spring,

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following symptom-complex : Loss of motion, both automatic and vo-


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all the symptoms pointed to appendicitis. An operation was about to

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prevalence in different districts having been about the middle part of

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with or without hemiplegia ; also to sensory disturbances, and when ex-

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collection of milky fluid in the left pleural sac when there is thrombosis

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acini ; the liver-cells surrounding the hepatic veins are atrophied from

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paralyzed, conjugate deviation resulting, the eyes being directed away

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