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varieties of spinal meningitis, and equally so to decide whether the as»

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and the fingers and toes may disappear (lepra mutilans).

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stances chronic bronchitis gradually develops after long exposure to the

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Definition. — Inflammation of the dura mater. The dura mav be

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96.0) of meat and 3 or 4 ounces (96.0-128.0) of milk or claret ; for supper,

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orations (fatty, fibroid) impair the contractile power of the heart. Nu-

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edema affecting the leg is not uncommon, and for this form thrombosis

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with the pneumonia that appears during convalescence, though, accord-

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early, is scanty, and later feculent, while in the latter there is less vom-

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ever, for unconsciousness occurs even when the hemorrhage is too small

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Symptomn, — If a fistulous communication be established with the air-

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tion results from a lesion in any part of the upper segment, from the cor-

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** The examination by a competent bacteriologist of the bacterial growth

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The sj)ecial cause or causes of the coughing should be detormined before any

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laminae are usually developed. The cholesterin gall-stones cut like

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are of the utmost practical importance. The patient shoul<l be instructed

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stipation, or, more rarely, diurriiea. Atypical cascH, however, may offer

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helpful to the student. They are — perforation with diffuse peritonitis,

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together with a clear history, should raise suspicions of the existcMi

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held in Atlanta the first week of August, 1972, and as

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Dyspnea and great venous congestion are to be met by free bleedings

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ip to 15 per cent., of eosinophile leukocytes in the blood. V. Noordn

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perfect casts of the gut, the act being attended with tenesmus and severe

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ing of calcium carbonate or phosphate, with a nucleus of inspissated

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A striking instance is reported by J. T. Whitcomb in which nearly ill

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proved by Council, so that the Budget would read on